Monday, June 6, 2011

5k Challenge

Yesterday, I raced the Lake Chabot Trail Challenge Half Marathon & 5K (just the 5k, though).  This was my second 5k in the past few months.

My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes.  I didn't.  I finished in 31:55, which is 30 seconds slower than my 5k at the end of March.  Then, I woke up this morning and weighed myself.  I gained an anomalous amount of weight in the past week, even though I Zumba'd almost every day, and ran a 5k race.

At least I had a great outfit (and look at those calves)!

So, I'm changing my strategy a little.  I'm going to start running more.  I'm going to look for another 5k coming up in the next month or two, and I'm going to race it in under 30 minutes.  I'm going to do this by getting in more running miles per week.  I've looked at this running program many times, and I've even started it once or twice.  Since the goal of this blog is to motivate me to change my life, it is a perfect opportunity for me to take it seriously and try to improve my 5k time.  I know the program is designed for people just starting off, but let's be honest, I am just barely surviving these 5k's.

In the past, one day of rain or an unplanned event always knocked me off of my schedule, and I immediately quit.  Well, No More!

Silver lining to yesterday's 5k: if there was a 26-30 age division (as opposed to 20-29) for males, I totally would have won my division.  Same goes (I'm assuming) if they had weight divisions.

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