There's a secret tradition that only those of us who are licensed Zumba instructors are let in on.  Something to make us feel connected with each other.  Something that helps build the sense of community between instructors (as opposed to competition) that we're so proud of.

However, I love my dancers, and I think it's such a cool tradition that I want to include you.  I don't think that I have such a large network (yet) that it will get back to many others that I squealed, so feel free to take part in the tradition.  After all, Zumba is one big community, and instructors are just dancers in the front, front row.

The tradition is simply that you don't buy Zumba bracelets for yourself.  Specifically, those rubbery ones.  Nobody is going to judge you or say anything or even look down on you if you do.  It's totally cool to be enthusiastic.  The tradition is just that you buy and pass out bracelets to other people.  I actually always assume that if you have a bunch of bracelets, it's because you've collected them from other people.  This isn't the case for any other Zumba swag, but feel free to turn it into your own thing among friends with earrings or toning sticks or whatever, if you want.

The other half of the tradition is not to expect anything in return.  Maybe you'll get a bracelet back at some point in the future, but that's not really the point.  It's Zumba's secret random act of kindness.

No matter what Zumba outfit I'm wearing, have you ever noticed what is always on my right wrist?  You guessed it.  My bright yellow 'WILD FOR ZUMBA' bracelet.  (Always might be too strong.  Humans forget sometimes. ;)  If you look at my Becoming ZUMBA Facebook page profile picture, you'll see it on my right wrist.  The profile pic comes from the full picture below.  I was given my first bracelet (this same yellow bracelet) at this event, by a beautiful instructor that teaches in Tahoe City, CA.  (She's in the blue genie-ish outfit beside me.)

From the Truckee, CA, Independence Day Parade, 2011.
All this being said, I sporadically order bracelets.  Not a ton, and not very frequently.  They're coming straight out of my (shallow) pocket, so don't assume that they're paid for by any of the studios I'm teaching at.  These are from me to you.  If you are around about a minute before class once they come in, you'll likely get one.  If you're rocking it out in class, or if you're responding to my questions/jokes, or if you bring someone new to Zumba, you may get one, also.  There aren't any rules, other than you shouldn't expect to get one, nor should you expect to have much choice in the color or style you get.  Remember what the point of them are.  You're joining in on a secret tradition that has been going on since 2001 when Zumba was created.

If you don't want it or don't like it, pass it on.  That's the point.  Spread the gospel of Zumba.  And at some point in the future, when you're feeling particularly inspired or wealthy, feel free to buy your own collection and pass the tradition along.  Maybe I'll get one back.  I'm really excited to share this.  I'm such a geek.

Happy Dancing,


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