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My passion for music was enhanced through years of playing my trumpet.  I played through high school and college, including 4 years in the University of Michigan Marching Band.  I also received a Minor in Music while obtaining my Bachelors of Science & Engineering (in Nuclear Engineering) at the University of Michigan.

My passion for dancing didn't come until college.  I started taking salsa dance classes as a freshman, all the way back in 2003.  I soon became a regular at the university's salsa de rueda club, M-Salsa, and eventually joined the University of Michigan Ballroom Dance Team.  I had a very successful collegiate ballroom career, including winning first place in bronze-level mambo at the Arnold Competition in Columbus, OH.  When I went to UCLA to continue my graduate education, my passion turned more toward salsa dancing, exclusively, until I was convinced to try a Zumba class.  I've been a Zumba addict ever since, and it has replaced most of my other dancing entirely.

Am I a professional dancer/choreographer? Nope. 
Am I one of those people that loves to hang out in the gym all day? Not at all.
Do I love to dance? Definitely.

I'm just a regular person that has struggled with weight my whole life.  Zumba is the only fitness program that I've found where I am so motivated by the music and the dancing and the people that I forget I'm working out.  It is the only time I enjoy working out, and it is the only fitness program I've stuck with.

Zumba allows me to enjoy and share, over and over again, my many years of competitive ballroom and salsa dancing.  I've always heard that I'm a pleasure to watch dance, and that my enthusiasm while moving to music is infectious.  You'll understand what I mean with just a class or two. Come dance with me!

You can also follow along on my experiences dancing, becoming a Zumba instructor, and trying to make my lifestyle more active and healthy, at my blog.

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I can't wait to dance with you!