Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Christmas Zumba

It snowed this weekend up at Lake Tahoe, when I was there for the long holiday weekend.  It gave me a flashback to last Christmas break.  Before becoming a licensed Zumba instructor, I have to admit that I did teach one (unauthorized) class.  Aaanndd, you can see a few snip-its of it here.  (Sorry for the low-quality video, but it was just supposed to be a warm, cozy, family home-video taken on a smartphone.)

Last Christmas, as a way of entertaining the large crowd that we have, I was charged with the task of leading a Christmas-inspired Zumba class.  My girlfriend's mom knew how much I had been taking Zumba classes, and she was also well-aware of my dancing experience.  She's in charge (the video is in her living room), and she asked me to entertain her Christmas Day party.  So, I set off to put together a short Zumba class!

As you can see, I had a wide variety of ages/genders/dance levels to deal with.  I tried to use as many Christmas songs as I could.  At that point, I had no intention of ever becoming a Zumba instructor.  Honestly, at that point, I was planning on continuing my PhD at UCLA, which I returned to after the new year.  Things change, though, and 5 months later I was convinced to become a real instructor.  Having taking the instructor course, I now know a ton of things that could have made my life a lot easier for that Christmas Zumba class.  However, I don't regret taking a chance on my own to think about a Zumba class from an instructor's perspective before actually becoming an instructor.

Big thanks to my girlfriend's family for the opportunity, and especially to her sister for recording and editing the video!

I hope Beto doesn't see this and sue me for teaching before I was allowed.  (Come on Beto, I did it for free, and it was Christmas!)

Monday, May 30, 2011

First Official Class

First class?  Honestly, it was more like a practice session.  I was up at Lake Tahoe for Memorial Day weekend, and I knew that I needed to finish my first hour of choreography.  My girlfriend and her parents (where we were staying) have been extremely supportive.  They invited a few people over for me to practice my fresh choreography on.

Some enthusiastic Zumba dancers made shirts!
I really appreciated the chance to try things out on people.  I really had no clue how people would respond to my moves (rather they were too difficult or too simple), my choreography (too repetitive or too complex), and how water breaks/energy/order of songs would all work out.  They all had great comments!
Instructor ~RoB w/ his favorite 'Real Men Need More Ballroom' Tshirt
One person said that they didn't know if it was the most exhausting Zumba class they had ever taken, that it was on the milder end.  However, another dancer dropped out halfway through, so that is a little hard to calibrate.  Also, all of the participants said that they would pay for the class, so that's motivating!  None of the moves were impossible to follow, and they appreciated the number of times that I returned to moves in each song, so that they could add more and more to it each time.

I'm giving a full-hour demo as part of an interview on Thursday evening in El Cerrito, CA.  This practice certainly gave me a boost of confidence, and it pointed it the 3-4 sections that I need to work on over the next 2 days.

Practice makes perfect, so keep working at it!  (Oh, and I'm starting to freak out!)

First 60 Minutes

I'm sure every Zumba teacher has their own way of choreographing music.  I'm also sure that it gets easier with time.  However, the first hour you have to choreograph seems like it'll take months.  It is so much music to analyze and memorize!  I just took it one song... one step at a time.
A little insight into what my choreography notes look like

Conveniently enough, I actually have a Minor in Music (got it with my Bachelor's at the University of Michigan).  It was primarily in musicology, but I took the equivalent of 2-3 music theory classes.  Actually, I've played trumpet since I was in 5th grade, so my general knowledge of music is a fair bit higher than the average music lover.  It definitely helps to have experience in diagramming songs (Intro, Chorus, Bridge, etc.)!

That's what a whole hour of choreography produces!
I did most of the choreography outside on my girlfriend's parents' deck, overlooking Lake Tahoe.  I planned on taking a picture and showing how inspiring the scenery was.  However, it started snowing almost immediately here.  That's right.  4" at the end of May.  Mountains are crazy.

Good thing I got a head start in my bedroom before coming up!
Regardless, the first hour got choreographed.  The next post is about my practice session.  Let's hope I get to teach all of these moves to a class soon!  Here's a little peak at the setlist:
1) 5 Letras - Reggaeton (Warmup)
2) Salome - Latin Pop (Cardio/Toning)
3) Baila Baila Con Migo - Ballroom Samba
4) California Gurls - ChaCha
5) Las Mujeres Lo Bailen Bien - Merengue
6) Zumba Mami - Reggaeton
7) "Zumba, ehh" - (No clue about the real name of this song, or what the official dance rhythm is, but I feel like it's one of those really popular songs that we all effectively hip-hop to.)
8) Fuego - Cumbia
9) Salsa Con Coco - Salsa
10) Jitterbug - Jive
11) Raise Your Glass - Pop (Toning)
12) Zumbalicious - Salsa/Reggaeton
13) Zumba Lluvia - Cool Down

Dancing every day now!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hope for Isaac

This is Isaac, the son of one of my friends growing up:
Fun-loving, young Isaac

It was May 10th, just a few weeks ago.  21-month-old Isaac was put to bed with a really high temperature.

By the next morning, Isaac had been rushed to the hospital.  An unfortunate diagnosis was made early in the day, and it was some form of leukemia.
Isaac in the hospital

He was eventually diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  This is the most common form of childhood cancer.  It is treatable, but requires steroids, and many blood transfusions, and chemotherapy.

I've kept up with most of the events as they progressed.  I know how devastating this has been to their whole family, both financially, and more importantly, emotionally.
Steroid-inflated Isaac & his mom, Jessica
Jessica set up a golf scramble to help raise money and to create a place where you can offer your best wishes and support.  The facebook link for this event is here.

Since I'm almost 2,000 miles away from their family and the golf scramble, I convinced Jessica to set up a donation page, which can be found here.

I, of all people, understand that times are tough right now.  However, even the smallest donations add up, and I assure you that their family wouldn't be able to express the amount of gratitude for your generosity.  If nothing else, there are links to share these events on Facebook and Twitter.  Helping potential donors find out about these events is as good as donating yourself.

Thank you all for your help and anything you can do for Isaac and his family in their time of need.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can't Let My Health Suffer

I am extremely busy.  I'm sure you are, too.  Americans are busy people, in general.  It's part of our culture.

When you're busy, it becomes very difficult to cook for yourself.  With all of the conveniences we have available to us, it is so easy to push cooking down on your priorities list.  The fact is that you cook way healthier for yourself than almost anybody else does.

Today marks a full month that I have gone without buying fast food.  Actually, every breakfast and lunch that I've eaten in the past month has been cooked/packaged and brought from home!  (I do splurge and go out to restaurants for dinner on occasion.)  Yes, it's hard. You really have to schedule what you're going to eat for the week and not let your fridge run out of supplies.  You have to get up earlier, and sometimes sacrifice an extra 15 minutes at night.  However, my diet (meaning what I usually consume, not some gimmick weight loss plan) can get unhealthy quickly if I'm not paying close attention.

I love Egg McMuffins and Chicken Quesadillas as much as anybody else.  Trimming fast food out of breakfast and lunch time was certainly the most difficult.  When you have to drive 45 minutes one-way to work each day, and there aren't any restaurants nearby other than fast food, you really have no choice but to bring your own food if you want to be healthy.  Looking at the nutrition certainly helps to motivate me!

The last fast-food meal I ate came from Sonic's Drive-In.  I got two of their fun hot dogs, a small order of chili cheese fries, and a regular-sized cherry limeade chiller.  It was a pretty big lunch (I hadn't eaten much that day), but it certainly wasn't unreasonable by my eating standards.  According to Sonic's nutrition calculator, I consumed 1766 calories, including 80 g of fat and 4360 mg of sodium!  That's obnoxious!!

I'm pretty sure that it would be difficult to prepare a lunch for myself that came anywhere close to that.  So, I'm hoping to keep this streak going.  Our lives are busy, but we can't let our health suffer.  Take time for yourself.

Challenge yourself, and know that I'm challenging myself along with you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wil'd to Dance

The first Zumba class that I ever took was in Los Angeles at a dance studio that was a mere 1.7 miles away from my apartment in Palms.  It was the urging of my girlfriend that convinced me to look up Zumba on one of those late-night infomercials, which convinced me to go try a live class.

I was really, really lucky.  The instructor at this studio was the perfect combination that I needed to get addicted to Zumba.  Here are some reasons why I fell in love so quickly:

1) The instructor was (if you haven't already snuck a look at the picture below) a guy.  It immediately feels less awkward when you walk into a room full of defensive girls and there's a guy at the helm, even if he is the only other guy in the room.  I don't know if it's true, but I feel like girls always assume guys are there to look at their butts and hit on them.  It may be true, but I'm not there to do that.  I'm there to dance.

2) This particular Zumba class had a very strong hip-hop influence.  Hip-hop is one style of dance that I don't have much background in.  However, I love to dance, and hip-hop moves are the only things you can get away with at clubs.  (It's not like I'm going to grab my girlfriend and start Viennese Waltzing around a packed floor pulsating to house music.)  He even threw in a current, popular song every once in a while.  I'm forever addicted to Katie Perry's 'California Gurls' because of this class.  Much of my Reggaeton for the next few years will be dominated by his choreography.

3) The instructor, whose name was Wil, had a great website, The Wil to Dance.  It let me learn a lot more about him and understand what his point of view was, from a dancing perspective.

4) The whole premise of Zumba matched me perfectly, and Wil recognized that.  He invited me back regularly, and he would sporadically work his way through the crowd to dance in front of me.  He regularly urged me to not hide in the back corner of class, and he made sure to point out when I had really good days. I make it sound like he did all of these things for just me, but I feel like he had a way of making the whole room feel like they were getting a personal Zumba class.  I strive to do the same for my students!
Click on Wil to go to his website!
I'm still pretty new to the Zumba scene (been going a year), but I've been to many classes throughout California, which were taught by handfuls of different instructors.  I think Wil might be one of the best Zumba instructors in the country.  He is one of my biggest inspirations, and I owe a lot of my passion for Zumba to him.  I can think of a few instructors that I've had that would have turned me off to Zumba immediately.  Luckily, Wil was there to invite me into the fitness movement that is going to help change my life for the better!

Thank you, Wil!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I'll Be a Good Zumba Instructor

I started this post with the title 'Why I Think I'll Be...', and I realized, again, that I'm missing the point.  This blog is to motivate me, and anyone else who reads it.  There's no room for thought or lack of confidence.  I truly believe that I have a bunch of skills that will help me be a great Zumba instructor, so why not say it!?!

First of all, I love to dance, and I have an extensive dance resume for a male engineer!  It includes dancing in front of large numbers of people, and being looked at critically.  Granted, I'm not a dance major, nor do I have years of ballet behind me.  I do, however, have a strong passion and a fair amount of technical training.

I also have an exceptional amount of teaching experience.  Not just dance-teaching.  I've been a graduate student instructor (or teaching assistant) for several high-level university physics/engineering courses at both UCLA and Michigan.  I was a CPR/FA/AED Instructor for the American Red Cross, as well as a Community Disaster Educator.  I've tutored classes in various settings for over 8 years.  I've taught dance, too.  I've led workshops on salsa dancing, taught large chacha classes, and worked one-on-one with new couples.

I'm enthusiastic.  That's one of the reasons this blog exists.  I'm generally a cynical person, but you can see the enthusiasm on my face and in my body movements when I'm really into something.  When I'm in front of a class teaching, I have to control my speech and my breathing, or it just rolls out of control!

I'm energetic.  It's really surprising.  Sometimes it doesn't make sense to even me.  I'm a big guy, but I've always got comments about how happy and fun I look when I'm dancing.  Jive is exhausting, and I'm a sweaty mess after a few seconds.  Watch me dance jive, and you'll be happy to jump right in.  This is one of the key traits I have that I believe will lead to my success.  In an email after the instructor training, Joy told me "you were out dancing Me ALL day :-) I LOVE that. Nothing but great things to come!"

Finally, I'm a regular person that has struggled with weight his whole life.  I certainly enjoy taking Zumba classes from skinny, beautiful people, but I don't find them particularly inspiring.  They are hot, and they like to dance.  It is not like they need classes like Zumba to stay looking like that.  Maybe one day I'll look like that, but this blog will be there to have documented my journey.  So, I want to be inspiring as well as helpful.  We'll lose weight together!

I can't wait to start teaching.  Again, choreographing 60 minutes and memorizing all of that music is insane,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Instructor Training

I was extremely nervous about attending instructor training.  I feared I'd be the only guy there, that I'd be the only fat person there, that everyone would be a better dancer than me, and anything else that you can imagine.  I told my girlfriend not to be surprised if I just left in the middle of the class out of embarrassment.

I've heard for years how good of a dancer I am.  I've even had people walk up to me after Zumba classes telling me how much they enjoy my dancing, and how they feed off of my energy.  I had one of my favorite instructors demand that I become one myself.  I feel like I'm a good Zumba dancer, but I feared I wasn't ready for the next step.

The email we got from the instructor (Joy Smith) of the course didn't help settle my nerves.  It included a picture of her on the cover of Zumba's magazine:
First of all, she's perfect.  Gorgeous and in shape.  I looked up her bio and she's a phenomenal dancer, too.
Secondly, it warned not to wear running shoes (which is my preferred shoe for Zumba).
Third, it talked about ACE/AFAA instructors, which I'm not, nor did I intend on becoming.  That's for serious physical fitness trainers, and I'm just a passionate dancer.
Lastly, it had the always-scary 'bring $$' to join the Zumba Instructors Network and buy gear.  I'm a little strapped right now, so handing out more money looked scary.

The Instructor training started with a Master Class led by Joy.  Imagine all of the best dancers in Northern California (all of those people in the front row of the Zumba classes you attend).  [I'm always dancing in either the back row or the far side.  I've never danced in the front row, ever.]  Anyway, imagine all of those great dancers all in one room.  That was the master class.  I was workin' it, but so were the other 50 ladies (and one guy).

Amazingly, about half way through, Joy ran off her stage and came to grab me.  She recognized me dancing with a ton of energy over in the corner, and she apparently wanted to show one of the guys off to the crowd. Everyone was really enthusiastic, and I was immediately popular.  Throughout the next breaks and lunch, I felt the most popular that I had ever felt.  Everyone smiled and told me 'good job', when I was so worried that they would think I was just the creepy, fat guy in the back corner.

The rest of the day was pretty exhausting, but I brought plenty of food and stayed hydrated.  Joy pulled me up on stage during Salsa instruction, too.  I cheered when she started talking about salsa, and I guess she could tell during the salsa dancing portion that I was particularly enthusiastic (and fun to watch) at that dance in particular.  I wasn't the only one to get pulled on stage throughout the day, and I kept trying to hide off in the corner, so I don't think it came off as too 'teacher's pet-y'.

Anyway, the rest of the day went well.  Most of the questions I had going in were answered.  I need to work on some of my cumbia technique, and it is scary to think about how much music you have to memorize to teach a 1-hour class, but it certainly got me really excited to start teaching a class.  There were a lot of things that I think I was already prepared for, but the more I talk it over with my girlfriend, the more things I realize I learned at the training.

So, I'm an officially licensed Zumba instructor now!  The first big hurdles are behind me.  Now I need to choreograph an hour and get my name out there.  I hope I can start teaching classes ASAP!

"Be daring and try success."  (The quote at the bottom of Joy's emails is so fitting for this.)

My Dance Resume

One of the first questions I've asked myself in considering whether or not I should become a Zumba instructor is, "What makes you think you would be a good Zumba instructor?"
Great question.  I'll explore the benefits of all of my life experiences that make me an ideal candidate soon, but I would like to make this post all about my dance resume.  This is the path I took to get here, but you have a path of your own that you should be just as proud of!

I got really into music throughout middle school and high school (and college) because of my involvement with band.  I didn't have much interest in dance until college, other than just for fun with friends.

Salsa Dancing
I started taking lessons in salsa dancing early in my freshman year at the University of Michigan, all the way back in 2003.  To this day, I don't know exactly why I went.  I just wanted to try something new.  However, I immediately fell in love.

Those single lessons were not enough of a fix for me, so I joined a club at Michigan called M-Salsa.  This club teaches and dances Rueda de Casino style salsa.  It is a very fun and social type of salsa where you dance in a circle, continuously changing partners, and one person calls moves so that the whole circle can move in sync.  Even watching Rueda is beautiful (but you should dance it because it is a blast).  I danced with M-Salsa for 2.5 hours every Monday for 4+ years (there were some big chunks missing during competition seasons for ballroom).  I was eventually asked be an instructor, an honor that I still hold dear to my heart.  Unfortunately, they asked me a little too late.  I had already decided to pursue graduate school at UCLA and was leaving in just a few weeks.  The club is still thriving, and I'd love to return and dance with them next time I'm nearby.

When first moving to CA, my girlfriend and I danced Rueda de Casino regularly in the bay area with Salsa Nick (his bio is at the bottom of the hyperlink).  He and his partner kept inviting us to join the full salsa scene, but I was only around for a few months, and we were happy enough learning a different style of Rueda.

When I moved to Los Angeles for graduate school at UCLA, I couldn't find a Rueda group, so I started taking lessons from the amazing (and beautiful) Jackie Galstaun.  This was the first time that I worked a lot on couples salsa dancing, and it was the first time that I started to practice the flashy, crowd-pleasing moves.  L.A. is all about flashy when you are dancing at salsa clubs.

Ballroom Dancing
While dancing with M-Salsa in my third year, one of the girls who came regularly noted that I was a particularly good lead and that I should audition for Michigan's Ballroom Dance Team.  I had never really considered any dancing other than salsa.  I didn't even know there was a ballroom team.  This was before Dancing with the Stars became popular, so our ballroom team wasn't particularly large.

After a long talk with my girlfriend, we decided that it would not be a good idea to join forces to try out for the ballroom team.  (We didn't want to add competitive pressure to a harmonious relationship, and she wasn't as interested.)  So, I went by myself to a few free ballroom workshops that the team put on.  Up until then, I had only danced salsa and some swing, but I had grown into a really comfortable dancer (and lead).

One thing lead to another, and I was dancing at a competition the next month in the Newcomer category.  My partner, who I had found through marching band, and I ended up being finalists in almost every category.  My ballroom career launched almost immediately.

I did a partner switch and spent 2 years dancing with my partner pictured above.  We were finalists in many, many Bronze-level (and some Silver-level) events throughout the midwest collegiate circuit.  I remember winning Mambo at the Ohio Star Ball (in 2007), and I feel it was our crowning moment.

I had to switch partners during my final year of dancing at Michigan.  My new partner was quite young, but she was a very hard worker.  We ended up being just as successful, if not more.  I didn't keep very good track, and I don't know if they did either.  We danced for fun, and doing well was just an added bonus.  I do know that I find ribbons everywhere whenever I am packing or unpacking.

While in Michigan, I was training under Steven and Susan McFerran, who were amazing 10-Dance Blackpool Finalists when they were competing internationally.  They were truly talented instructors, and I owe most of my technique and technical knowledge of dancing to them.  I also took ballroom classes from Jackie Galstaun in L.A., just to stay brushed up on it.

I started Zumba in Los Angeles, and much like Salsa dancing, I fell in love immediately.  My girlfriend had heard about it, and tried it, at a yoga studio near her house.  We were living in different parts of California while I was attending graduate school, but she knew that this fitness program would fit me perfectly.  I went to Zumba 4 times in the first week that I discovered it.  My endurance immediately improved, as did my running schedule, and my eating habits.

Now, I've been going regularly for a full year.  I've been to classes taught by 9 different instructors.  I've been told by several people that I'm 'inspiring' and 'full of energy', and most importantly, that I should become a Zumba instructor.  It helped me train for a 5k, and it has generally inspired me to be more healthy.  I'll have posts coming on a few of my favorite instructors, especially the one who finally convinced me to get licensed.

So, that is my dance resume.  It's just strange enough, for a long enough period of time, that I fit perfectly into Zumba.  This background has prepared me to be a successful Zumba instructor, and that is why I think I'll be good.

Here's to continuing to dance (especially Zumba) for many more years,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Official

Well, I have gone and done it.
You have successfully registered to the Zumba Basic 1 training in Modesto, CA, US on 2011-05-21

I'm going to become an official instructor.  The best part is that it almost didn't happen.  I had to wait until I got my paycheck to register (it is fairly expensive).  Thursday night, the class was still open.  Friday morning, it was sold out.

I immediately returned to the quitting personality that I've always been plagued by.  There were no other classes nearby for the rest of the summer that weren't already sold out.  I took it as a sign, and I thought this whole thing might not be a good idea.

My girlfriend, who was disappointed for me, checked again on Sunday, and the class had opened back up.  I immediately registered, before I gave myself any more time to think.

I'm still nervous that I'm going to be the only fat one there, or that they will all have Bachelors of Arts in Dance, or that they'll all wonder why I feel anybody would even take a class from me, or that I'll be so sweaty and disgusting throughout the 10-hour training that everyone will just be turned off.

Well, I'm going regardless, so let's hope that I'm not only the lone guy at the training, but that I'm also the best dancer!

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever."
~Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today, May 11th, 2011, at 6:45 am, I weighed in at 224.0 lbs.  This is a good improvement, considering I weighed in at 232.7 lbs on April 25th, 2011.  However, it's still a really bad weight for me, at least in my body's current shape:

You're not allowed to smile in a 'before' pic.

Hands down, the least attractive side of me.  Holy stretch marks.

My arm muscles have always been the least impressive on my body...

I feel like I'm going to keep repeating myself, but I am serious this time.  I'm going to lose weight.  Or, I will at least get rid of the fat.  I guess I have no real problems if I still weight 220 lbs next year, as long as I'm a ripped, sexy beast.

I've taken my obligatory 'before' pics, and nobody is more excited than me to see my 'after' pics,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grass is Always Greener

While visiting a friend in Hermosa Beach, CA, a year or two ago, I jogged 2 miles along the Strand.  I ran the fastest mile that I had ever recorded with my Nike+.  When I was done I thought, "Geez, if I lived by the Strand, I would jog every night.  It would be wonderful, and I would be in shape in no time."  This same feeling happened to me on Saturday when I was walking through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA for the Brain Tumor Walk.  I thought, "This place would be so nice to run through.  If I lived near here, it would be so fun to run every day."

Strand in Hermosa Beach, CA
Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA

While jogging around Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA last night I realized that I had once had these same feelings for Lake Merritt, but I had totally forgotten about them.  Two years before moving to Oakland, I walked my dog around Lake Merritt.  I thought, "It would be so nice to live near Lake Merritt.  A 5k loop would be perfect to run around a few times a week.  It is so much more convenient than city blocks, because you can't give up halfway through.  You'd be stuck on the other side of a lake!"  This lead me to feeling guilty for not taking more advantage of the lake.  I live on the lake now, yet I only walk it a couple times a month, and I rarely run it.
Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA

I ran the Twilight 5K that was part of the Oakland Running Festival, but I haven't run that much since then.  I was disappointed with the 3 times that I had to stop and walk for a few.  I keep making excuses that I don't have enough time.  I need to make time.

The most important thing that I realized is that I'm very negative when it comes to working out.  I'd rather fantasize about running somewhere else than actually take advantage of the amazing opportunity I have.  That has to change.  From now on, I'll be happy that I ran 1 mile continuously, rather than frustrated I couldn't run 2 miles without stopping.  I'll think of it as an opportunity to get better rather than dreading the fact that I'm out of shape.  If I'm really going to change my life with Zumba, I need to have a more positive outlook on all of my physical activity!

Here's to enjoying the grass on your side!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mission Starts

Today, my grandmother turns 69.  She's had a rough year, and we were surprised she pulled through.
Yesterday, for Mothers' Day, a video was posted of a close friend I lost in high school to a tragic house-fire.
All things considered, I need to start preparing my body for lasting a lot longer than it may last in its current condition.

I'm 223.6 pounds, and I'm 5'8".

I'm out of shape.  It's not that I don't have a fair amount of muscle, its just that there's a hefty layer of fat hiding it.  My muffin top is obnoxious, and I'd like to look better naked.  Seeing Chris Hemsworth in Thor last night didn't help much.

I'm worried about my health.  I have high cholesterol, and my blood pressure is too high.  My family history shows I'm predisposed to diabetes, and my diet has bouts where it is not very spectacular.

Saving grace: I can dance.  I was a competitive ballroom dancer for a few years while at Michigan.  I've really enjoyed Zumba throughout the last year, and I think I'm going to use it to get into shape.

So, starting now, I'm going to Become Zumba.  Here's to, for the first time in my life, following through and maintaining a healthy weight.  I hope my journey will inspire, and I hope that I will eventually be able to teach Zumba classes to people who need help finding enjoyment in exercise.

Follow me to help me along my process, and I hope to motivate you.  Let's all dance our way into better lives!

Tell your friends, and feel free to contact me throughout my journey!