Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Dance Class at CBRC

Last week, I spoke with the manager of group fitness at CBRC (Columbia Basin Racquet Club). I offered up a new class idea, for which she gave me the 'OK' to pursue a trial period.

I haven't danced for a while... like actually danced, with a partner. Also, since I've joined CBRC's Holiday Fitness Challenge, I could use an excuse to spend at least one more day at the gym each week. Those things considered, my idea was a partner dance class focusing on either an introduction to ballroom dancing or an introduction to salsa dancing.

I think ballroom would be more fun, since I could use the refresher, but my manager thought that Salsa might be more successful. I can agree there, since we could all plan to meet out at the Red Lion in Pasco on a Friday night or at Jokers on a Saturday night.

I checked the current calendar, and the big fitness room is available starting at 7pm on Thursday evenings and at 5:30pm on Friday evenings. In my head, the class feels like a 6pm Friday kind of class, but I know people can be particular about their weekends.

So, now that you know what I'm thinking, I'd like to hear what you're thinking. What days/times work best for you? What would you like to learn? Would you like it to focus on partner dancing, or just learn choreography?

Finally, something that I worry about is getting guys to show up. It's not that I wouldn't love to dance with all of you, nor is it that I don't think ladies can 'lead'. It's just that I want you all to be able to learn and dance the parts you would be dancing if you were out at a club or a ballroom. In order for that to happen, we have to get some guys to show up. So, feel free to lay some ideas on me. That being said, YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO BRING A PARTNER. In fact, even if you bring a partner, you will not be able to just dance with them. We'll rotate so that everybody can get some practice.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CBRC Holiday Fitness Challenge

I teach Zumba at 2 different locations among the Tri-Cities. One of them, Columbia Basin Racquet Club (CBRC) in Richland, is having a fitness challenge that I'm very interested in. The challenge: check in to the front desk of the CBRC 4 times a week from Nov.18th until Jan. 12th. Effectively, the challenge is to Avoid the Holiday Bulge.

It only costs $12 to sign up, and you'll receive a CBRC water bottle just for trying. Make sure you check in every time you visit!

What will you get out of it? Well, you can win prizes that vary from massage and personal training to workout apparel. More importantly, successful participants' names will be posted in the fitness center each week. So, you'll know that you're not alone in your efforts.

I'm hoping, except for the 2 weeks that we disappear to Lake Tahoe for late December, that I'll be able to keep my name on the list. Since I teach one Zumba class at another facility, I'll actually be upping my gym visits from 3 times per week to 5 times per week! I'd love to keep track of my Zumba dancers that are kicking butt, too, so let me know if you're participating. Maybe I'll do something special for dancers using Zumba to get 2 days toward their 4 in a week.

If none of my dancers end up participating, I know I will not succeed. Like group fitness, I need the motivation of others to help me succeed. You can talk to the front desk for more information, or you can read the posters with Santa on an RPM bike that are posted throughout CBRC.

Happy Dancing,

Monday, November 4, 2013

Plank Challenge

A week or two ago, a plank challenge blew up all over Facebook. The challenge:  go from a 20-second plank to 4-minute 30-second plank in 30 days. My partner and I decided to start it, but missed the 3rd day, so we started back over on November 1st (along with a bunch of Facebook friends).

This is the form of plank we are attempting.

Since it's early in the month and I'm already feeling it, I thought I'd offer up the challenge to my dear Zumba dancers. I'll also let you know that my personal goal is only a 4-minute plank by the end of the month. Also, at the beginning of the month, both my partner and I could already hold a 1-minute plank. So, if you saw the challenge on Facebook, you'll see that my path is more gradual, but starts at 60-seconds:

Day 160Day 11105Day 21165
Day 260Day 12120Day 22180
Day 360Day 13RestDay 23180
Day 475Day 14120Day 24195
Day 575Day 15135Day 25195
Day 6RestDay 16135Day 26Rest
Day 790Day 17150Day 27210
Day 890Day 18150Day 28210
Day 990Day 19RestDay 29225
Day 10105Day 20165Day 30240

Now let's say you wanted to hop on this train today (Day 4). If you can already hold a plank for 1-minute 15-seconds, then perfect. If you can't, then try your best to be caught up by Day 12. See how long you can plank today and try to increase it 10 or 20 seconds every day until you're on track with us. In my mind, I can't actually imagine planking for 4 minutes, but I'd be ecstatic to see us all get there. Don't be discouraged if all of us have to try again next month to get our time up there. It'll also give us a chance to get more people to join us!

Your core means everything not only when you dance but also in every other action your body does. You'll be surprised how much a strong core makes everything feel easier. Now we just have to get there.

Happy Dancing,

P.S. If you're looking for another way to focus on your core, I've personally found no better way than TRX. Look into the program at your gym. You might also want to try CXWorx.