Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Christmas Zumba

It snowed this weekend up at Lake Tahoe, when I was there for the long holiday weekend.  It gave me a flashback to last Christmas break.  Before becoming a licensed Zumba instructor, I have to admit that I did teach one (unauthorized) class.  Aaanndd, you can see a few snip-its of it here.  (Sorry for the low-quality video, but it was just supposed to be a warm, cozy, family home-video taken on a smartphone.)

Last Christmas, as a way of entertaining the large crowd that we have, I was charged with the task of leading a Christmas-inspired Zumba class.  My girlfriend's mom knew how much I had been taking Zumba classes, and she was also well-aware of my dancing experience.  She's in charge (the video is in her living room), and she asked me to entertain her Christmas Day party.  So, I set off to put together a short Zumba class!

As you can see, I had a wide variety of ages/genders/dance levels to deal with.  I tried to use as many Christmas songs as I could.  At that point, I had no intention of ever becoming a Zumba instructor.  Honestly, at that point, I was planning on continuing my PhD at UCLA, which I returned to after the new year.  Things change, though, and 5 months later I was convinced to become a real instructor.  Having taking the instructor course, I now know a ton of things that could have made my life a lot easier for that Christmas Zumba class.  However, I don't regret taking a chance on my own to think about a Zumba class from an instructor's perspective before actually becoming an instructor.

Big thanks to my girlfriend's family for the opportunity, and especially to her sister for recording and editing the video!

I hope Beto doesn't see this and sue me for teaching before I was allowed.  (Come on Beto, I did it for free, and it was Christmas!)

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