Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I'll Be a Good Zumba Instructor

I started this post with the title 'Why I Think I'll Be...', and I realized, again, that I'm missing the point.  This blog is to motivate me, and anyone else who reads it.  There's no room for thought or lack of confidence.  I truly believe that I have a bunch of skills that will help me be a great Zumba instructor, so why not say it!?!

First of all, I love to dance, and I have an extensive dance resume for a male engineer!  It includes dancing in front of large numbers of people, and being looked at critically.  Granted, I'm not a dance major, nor do I have years of ballet behind me.  I do, however, have a strong passion and a fair amount of technical training.

I also have an exceptional amount of teaching experience.  Not just dance-teaching.  I've been a graduate student instructor (or teaching assistant) for several high-level university physics/engineering courses at both UCLA and Michigan.  I was a CPR/FA/AED Instructor for the American Red Cross, as well as a Community Disaster Educator.  I've tutored classes in various settings for over 8 years.  I've taught dance, too.  I've led workshops on salsa dancing, taught large chacha classes, and worked one-on-one with new couples.

I'm enthusiastic.  That's one of the reasons this blog exists.  I'm generally a cynical person, but you can see the enthusiasm on my face and in my body movements when I'm really into something.  When I'm in front of a class teaching, I have to control my speech and my breathing, or it just rolls out of control!

I'm energetic.  It's really surprising.  Sometimes it doesn't make sense to even me.  I'm a big guy, but I've always got comments about how happy and fun I look when I'm dancing.  Jive is exhausting, and I'm a sweaty mess after a few seconds.  Watch me dance jive, and you'll be happy to jump right in.  This is one of the key traits I have that I believe will lead to my success.  In an email after the instructor training, Joy told me "you were out dancing Me ALL day :-) I LOVE that. Nothing but great things to come!"

Finally, I'm a regular person that has struggled with weight his whole life.  I certainly enjoy taking Zumba classes from skinny, beautiful people, but I don't find them particularly inspiring.  They are hot, and they like to dance.  It is not like they need classes like Zumba to stay looking like that.  Maybe one day I'll look like that, but this blog will be there to have documented my journey.  So, I want to be inspiring as well as helpful.  We'll lose weight together!

I can't wait to start teaching.  Again, choreographing 60 minutes and memorizing all of that music is insane,

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  1. So I just happened to read some of your past posts and this one cracks me up. I really enjoyed the part about being a regular person. And although it's fun taking classes from skinny models, they're not inspiring. I really think that's why we have such a following. We're real. Nothing fake about us. And we have a good time and great energy. I'm thinking we need to do a really long class together one day....