Here are a few things that my students have told me since I started teaching.

"I just wanted to thank you.  I was 250+ pounds, and now I can fit into normal clothes.  Your class was a part of that."
- Tisha (Lexington, KY)

"I was only in Lexington for a few months (from Salt Lake City) but I miss your Zumba classes like crazy. You were by far my favorite instructor"
- Lottie (Louisville, KY)

"Love that you play Bollywood in class!!"
- Natasha (Lexington, KY)

"Can't wait. So glad to be back in class after vacation."
- Christina (Lexington, KY)

"First class tonight - Great Job! My only complaint... Urban Active doesn't have More Zumba classes!!"
- Ashley (Lexington, KY)

"Really enjoyed the class tonight at Palomar."
- Debra (Lexington, KY)

"I don't even belong to this gym.  I pay just to come to your class."
- Lauren (San Francisco, CA)

"... you still are the best Zumba teacher EVER."
- Jeannine (San Francisco, CA)

"I was there and enjoyed your instruction the best!  I think I found a new class... Thank you for coming to Tahoe and sharing your energy, wish you lived closer!"
- Christa (Tahoma, CA)

"I thought my scales were broken but my clothes confirmed it; I've lost weight having fun at Zumba!"
- Robin (Oakland, CA)

"...you are awesome- my teenage daughter was there with friends and you were their FAV!!"
- Katy (Tahoe City, CA) [instructor]

"Great enthusiasm and dynamic with the group."
- Courtney (Truckee, CA) [instructor]

"It was a great class, which I needed."
- Chia (Oakland, CA)

"...adorable, graceful and inspiring Rob"
- Shelley (Oakland, CA)

"Rob....great job!! I only got beautiful reviews!! they love your energy and I love your personality!!"
- Mimi (Union City, CA)

"Awesome class last night from a new face and body (that's not sore --yet) :) Keep it moving."
- Victory (Oakland, CA)

"You are a gift from god."
- Beth (Albany, CA)

"Rob is adorable and totally enthusiastic."
- Marsha (El Cerrito, CA)

"I just wanted to message you because in the past few days leading up to my certification I've really enjoyed reading your blog, it has definitely toned down my nervousness & has given me more of a perspective on what Zumba means to other people."
- Jenn (Fremont, CA) [instructor]

"We thank you! Your love for Zumba & positive energy rocks! We really enjoyed class with you..."
- Amelia & Jeremiah (Concord, CA) [instructors]

"It was a real pleasure Rob. I loved how happy you look up there. :)"
- Thayna (Concord, CA) [instructor]

"Hi Rob, You did such a wonderful job yesterday! I love the energy and different music and style you brought. Gracias!"
- Maria (Concord, CA)

"Rob Reed can move! Keep your eye on him!"
- Joy (Santa Cruz, CA) [instructor instructor for Northern California and ZES for France.]

I love hearing that you all are enjoying it as much as me!