Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CBRC Holiday Fitness Challenge

I teach Zumba at 2 different locations among the Tri-Cities. One of them, Columbia Basin Racquet Club (CBRC) in Richland, is having a fitness challenge that I'm very interested in. The challenge: check in to the front desk of the CBRC 4 times a week from Nov.18th until Jan. 12th. Effectively, the challenge is to Avoid the Holiday Bulge.

It only costs $12 to sign up, and you'll receive a CBRC water bottle just for trying. Make sure you check in every time you visit!

What will you get out of it? Well, you can win prizes that vary from massage and personal training to workout apparel. More importantly, successful participants' names will be posted in the fitness center each week. So, you'll know that you're not alone in your efforts.

I'm hoping, except for the 2 weeks that we disappear to Lake Tahoe for late December, that I'll be able to keep my name on the list. Since I teach one Zumba class at another facility, I'll actually be upping my gym visits from 3 times per week to 5 times per week! I'd love to keep track of my Zumba dancers that are kicking butt, too, so let me know if you're participating. Maybe I'll do something special for dancers using Zumba to get 2 days toward their 4 in a week.

If none of my dancers end up participating, I know I will not succeed. Like group fitness, I need the motivation of others to help me succeed. You can talk to the front desk for more information, or you can read the posters with Santa on an RPM bike that are posted throughout CBRC.

Happy Dancing,

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