Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pop Up Video

I've announced that on Friday, June 1st at 6pm, I will be teaching a Pop Up Video class.  It'll be to one of my favorite songs of all time:  Boyz II Men's ♫ Motownphilly ♫.  Some of you have asked what Pop Up Video is, so here's a few examples.

Pop Up Video was a VH1 sensation where popular videos had little tidbits of knowledge inside bubbles that 'popped up' throughout the song so that you knew about back stories, or easter eggs, or anything else interesting.  It's actually started up again on VH1 over the past year.

The fitness class started right here in Lexington at Urban Active's Palumbo location under the choreography of Allison P.  You can search "Palumbo Pop Up" on Youtube to see all 8 installments.

This was my favorite class, even though I wasn't there.  Allison doing the Hammer Dance across the floor cracks me up every time:

And this is the class that I attended.  See if you can find me:

So, now that you're excited, put June 1st on the calendar.  Meet me at Palumbo at 5:55pm, and bring your thinking caps.  "The spotlight [will be] on us..."  Who knows, maybe we'll be the next big thing on Youtube!

Happy Dancing,

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