Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grass is Always Greener

While visiting a friend in Hermosa Beach, CA, a year or two ago, I jogged 2 miles along the Strand.  I ran the fastest mile that I had ever recorded with my Nike+.  When I was done I thought, "Geez, if I lived by the Strand, I would jog every night.  It would be wonderful, and I would be in shape in no time."  This same feeling happened to me on Saturday when I was walking through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA for the Brain Tumor Walk.  I thought, "This place would be so nice to run through.  If I lived near here, it would be so fun to run every day."

Strand in Hermosa Beach, CA
Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA

While jogging around Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA last night I realized that I had once had these same feelings for Lake Merritt, but I had totally forgotten about them.  Two years before moving to Oakland, I walked my dog around Lake Merritt.  I thought, "It would be so nice to live near Lake Merritt.  A 5k loop would be perfect to run around a few times a week.  It is so much more convenient than city blocks, because you can't give up halfway through.  You'd be stuck on the other side of a lake!"  This lead me to feeling guilty for not taking more advantage of the lake.  I live on the lake now, yet I only walk it a couple times a month, and I rarely run it.
Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA

I ran the Twilight 5K that was part of the Oakland Running Festival, but I haven't run that much since then.  I was disappointed with the 3 times that I had to stop and walk for a few.  I keep making excuses that I don't have enough time.  I need to make time.

The most important thing that I realized is that I'm very negative when it comes to working out.  I'd rather fantasize about running somewhere else than actually take advantage of the amazing opportunity I have.  That has to change.  From now on, I'll be happy that I ran 1 mile continuously, rather than frustrated I couldn't run 2 miles without stopping.  I'll think of it as an opportunity to get better rather than dreading the fact that I'm out of shape.  If I'm really going to change my life with Zumba, I need to have a more positive outlook on all of my physical activity!

Here's to enjoying the grass on your side!

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