Monday, May 30, 2011

First 60 Minutes

I'm sure every Zumba teacher has their own way of choreographing music.  I'm also sure that it gets easier with time.  However, the first hour you have to choreograph seems like it'll take months.  It is so much music to analyze and memorize!  I just took it one song... one step at a time.
A little insight into what my choreography notes look like

Conveniently enough, I actually have a Minor in Music (got it with my Bachelor's at the University of Michigan).  It was primarily in musicology, but I took the equivalent of 2-3 music theory classes.  Actually, I've played trumpet since I was in 5th grade, so my general knowledge of music is a fair bit higher than the average music lover.  It definitely helps to have experience in diagramming songs (Intro, Chorus, Bridge, etc.)!

That's what a whole hour of choreography produces!
I did most of the choreography outside on my girlfriend's parents' deck, overlooking Lake Tahoe.  I planned on taking a picture and showing how inspiring the scenery was.  However, it started snowing almost immediately here.  That's right.  4" at the end of May.  Mountains are crazy.

Good thing I got a head start in my bedroom before coming up!
Regardless, the first hour got choreographed.  The next post is about my practice session.  Let's hope I get to teach all of these moves to a class soon!  Here's a little peak at the setlist:
1) 5 Letras - Reggaeton (Warmup)
2) Salome - Latin Pop (Cardio/Toning)
3) Baila Baila Con Migo - Ballroom Samba
4) California Gurls - ChaCha
5) Las Mujeres Lo Bailen Bien - Merengue
6) Zumba Mami - Reggaeton
7) "Zumba, ehh" - (No clue about the real name of this song, or what the official dance rhythm is, but I feel like it's one of those really popular songs that we all effectively hip-hop to.)
8) Fuego - Cumbia
9) Salsa Con Coco - Salsa
10) Jitterbug - Jive
11) Raise Your Glass - Pop (Toning)
12) Zumbalicious - Salsa/Reggaeton
13) Zumba Lluvia - Cool Down

Dancing every day now!

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