Monday, May 30, 2011

First Official Class

First class?  Honestly, it was more like a practice session.  I was up at Lake Tahoe for Memorial Day weekend, and I knew that I needed to finish my first hour of choreography.  My girlfriend and her parents (where we were staying) have been extremely supportive.  They invited a few people over for me to practice my fresh choreography on.

Some enthusiastic Zumba dancers made shirts!
I really appreciated the chance to try things out on people.  I really had no clue how people would respond to my moves (rather they were too difficult or too simple), my choreography (too repetitive or too complex), and how water breaks/energy/order of songs would all work out.  They all had great comments!
Instructor ~RoB w/ his favorite 'Real Men Need More Ballroom' Tshirt
One person said that they didn't know if it was the most exhausting Zumba class they had ever taken, that it was on the milder end.  However, another dancer dropped out halfway through, so that is a little hard to calibrate.  Also, all of the participants said that they would pay for the class, so that's motivating!  None of the moves were impossible to follow, and they appreciated the number of times that I returned to moves in each song, so that they could add more and more to it each time.

I'm giving a full-hour demo as part of an interview on Thursday evening in El Cerrito, CA.  This practice certainly gave me a boost of confidence, and it pointed it the 3-4 sections that I need to work on over the next 2 days.

Practice makes perfect, so keep working at it!  (Oh, and I'm starting to freak out!)

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